You decide which beach to go, which cave to visit, where to anchor and go for a swim! You finally get to visit that little island you used to watch from the beach, dive into the crystal clear waters and anchor next to massive cliffs or stop by the beach for a mojito. You can stop anywhere, anytime. Our boats are very safe and easy to handle as they have the steering wheel and electric starter. Our instructors will give a full explanation of all the basics before you start.




Tutorials: Safety on our Yellow Boats.

Besides the usual safety measures such as life jackets, flares, mooring system, etc, we have added something we consider essential. All our boats have a stainless steel protector on the propeller, for your safety.

We have also equipped our zodiacs with a GPS tracking system. If you get lost or need any help, we can show up in a matter of second without the need for you to try to explain us where you are.Image: GPS tracking system of our boats without license.

Besides, San Antonio bay is very quiet and protected from the wind. You will never be helpless and at sea! We will always be there for you!















Image: GPS tracking system of our boats without license.

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Yellow Boats Navegation Limits

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  • Respect the navigation limits. Our no license boats are only allowed to travel 5 miles from a shelter of beach. We set the limits in Cala Conta on the south and on the north, Cabo Nono.


  • If you exceed the navigation limits, especially towards the north, there are no places where you can take refuge and there is no mobile phone covereage, so we cannot locate you by GPS and we won't be able to call you.


  • Our monitors will advise you of the best places to visit according to the days weather.

>>> Booking with at least 48h in advance is highly recommended.  

        For same day bookings call first to check availability: +34 638 32 38 72