To open our summer season, we will organize one of our iconic trips to Es Vedra and Atlantis, this weekend. Two magical places you can visit by boat only!

And we’ll do it at a very special price so you get to know part of our new fleet. You can enjoy this excursion aboard one of the boats we rent.


Option 1. If you have no license and you want to drive the boat yourself, you can get one of our Yellow Boats, that don’t require a license.  160 € with fuel included, price for 3 people.


Option 2 – If you have a license and you want to drive the boat yourself, you can get one of our speed boats, which take up to 6 people. Price per boat 300 €, with fuel included.


Option 3 – You can go one our Capelli Tempest, with a capacity for 12 people at a price of € 40 per person.

Time: Full day! From 11am until sunset!




Enjoy an inspiring day sailing aboard our private boat to the most mysterious island of Ibiza: Es Vedra. A magical, enigmatic and remote place you can have the privilege to visit aboard a private yacht and anchor in its crystal clear waters to discover the most spectacular Posidonia oceanica meadows.


This spectacular excursion boat in Ibiza leaves from the port of San Antonio and it will take you to several paradisiacal beaches of Ibiza: Cala Conta, Cala Tarida or Cala D Hort. We will sail between deserted islands and true natural paradises such as Conillera Island, Isla del Bosque, Illa de s'Espartar,… 


The final destination of our excursion is the island Es Vedra, We will tour around the island for a closer look at this impressive mass of granite, dive in its crystal clear waters and visit the mystical Atlantis. A magical day in which you will see places that can only be visited by boat.
























Our first stop will be at this small set of coves, where you will be able to appreciate the white sands and turquoise waters. Cala conta is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Ibiza. Along with Playa de Illetas, it is officially recognised as one of the best five beaches in the Mediterranean.


Cala Conta is simply beautiful. Situated very close to the set of Islands of Bosque and Conejera, you could practically walk there. Its seabeds have unique colours because  of the purity of the waters. The terrain creates small coves, separated by cliffs and the waters are always very shallow, making it an ideal place for swimming.


From Cala Conta we have a spectacular view to all the islands of the west of Ibiza. You can see clearly into the distance and all of the surrounding islands. It is an ideal place for anchoring, and we can anchor down in the small natural pools close to the old fishermans houses.















Our second stop will be in Cala Tarida, where we will visit a small natural port of the fishermen. Cala Tarida is a beautiful beach and we love to visit this little port, it is one of those places that is not easily accessible and not very well known. We love to see how the fisherman repair their nets and clean the fish, quietly at their own rythm away from the stress of everyday life. It is a way to get into the culture of the island and watch the work of the fisherman which has been passed down from father to son through many generations.























THE ISLAND OF ES VEDRA. Excursion by boat in Ibiza.


The Island of Es Vedra is one of the great mysteries of Ibiza. Its shape perplexes everyone. An impressive mountain range made entirely of limestone that is two kilometers from the west coast of White Island, near Cala d' Hort. Its height is spectacular, with almost 400 meter high walls, the view of the cliffs from the boat seem endless.

You will also be impressed by the sea beds because Es Vedra emerges out of the depths of the sea, the cliffs burst from the background of crystal clear waters and it is a place with a a lot of sealife.



Apart from its impressive morphology, Es Vedra is an island which is shrouded in mystery because of its stories of legends and myths that can be traced back to the Phoenician culture. Es Vedra is considered to be the site with the third most magnetism in the world, surpassed only by the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle .

One of the myths is that situated near Vedra and Atlantis is the tip of the underwater civilization of Atlantis. While the island is considered to genuinely inspirie energy and has healing powers, several people have claimed in recent years to have seen UFOs hovering above. These kinds of strange events, and the circles of light that come from in the ocean, have intimidated boat owners and fishermen, making them go elsewhere.


As we approach Es Vedra, sailing, you will get the feeling that you are about to reach a site that is not common place. The Phoenicians must have had that same feeling, who after sailing under the shadow of the rock of Es Vedra decided to establish there one of the most important colonies in the Mediterranean. They soon found holy places where they contacted their gods, the same beautiful enclaves that you can visit today, where travelers who wish to experience in the mysteries of the powerful goddess Tanit often visit.


It is said that Es Vedra is the cradle of the Phoenician goddess Tanit. It has also been mentioned that this ancient island was home to the sea nymphs and sirens who tried to lure the great Odysseus (in Homer's Odyssey) of his ship. Ybshm or Iboshim (from which the name of Ibiza was taken, officially Eivissa) was dedicated by the Phoenicians to the god Bes. Bes was a fun deity from the Egyptian pantheon, which was adopted by many people. However, the goddess who ruled the magical and sacred life of the Pityuses was Tanit, Tnt, written in Phoenician.


Someone who was responsible for (without even knowing it, of course) the atmosphere of spirituality in the area that gradually grew to become the '"legend" Es Vedra is the Carmelite Father Francisco Palau, who lived in the rock as a hermit in the second half of the eighteenth century, after being exiled to Ibiza from Catalonia.



This whole series of legends penetrated deep into the hippy culture of the 60´s. The Island has been visited by members of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, ... It was a generation that led a more romantic but also more mystical way of life; a generation that, in the 80s, followed the teachings of Tibetan monks in Sant Lloren and gurus of Transcendental Meditation in Sant Miquel. The next step is well represented in the new age of the 90s with all its esoteric, mysticism and heterogeneous beliefs. Because of this there were often wicca rituals or meditations on nights of the full moon on the beach of Cala d ' Hort.




































Many have heard about the magic of Atlantis and there is also a number of legends related to this area.


Atlantis is also known as Sa Pedrera, a quarry that dates back to the Phoenician era, and it is said that the stone was extracted to build the city walls of Ibiza. The sandstone rock was cut following the natural strata terrain, and some long channels into the sea were built, where people could embark on sailing boats for transportation.


This work has created a series of extraordinary spaces, hollows and small natural pools, filled with clear water, making it a very unique place on earth.

Perhaps for this reason, and as a result of Phoenician traditions which guaranteed the landing of Tanit in this area, Atlantis became a place of worship. In the 60s, many hippies lived in its natural caves, and Atlantis became a magical destination to celebrate their rituals of purification.

Part of the charm of Atlantis is the intervention of the human hand on nature. Next to the excavation of the quarries in Atlantis you will find sculptures carved in the sand... A huge bas-relief of Siddhartha is a place of daily pilgrimage and devotion. Atlantis' cliffs are a nesting place for birds, and it is a very popular place to practice climbing.


Some historians place in Atlantis the location of Atlantida, the lost kingdom described by Plato. According to the philosopher Atlantis was bigger than Asia and was beyond the Pillars of Hercules, indicating that its location was in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the legend, Atlantis sank about 15,000 years ago due to planetary events affecting the land. Because of this, there are a number of myths and legends about this area located near the sea.

In any case, Atlantis is a spectacular place, and such special beauty cannot be found anywhere else in Ibiza.







When the sunset arrives, we will sail back to the port,, driving our exclusive boats along the beautiful coastline of Ibiza and enjoying this magical moment when the sun sets on the horizon and all colors in Ibiza are transformed. The sky will turn reddish as we leave behind these beautiful landscapes we've seen on this incredible boat tour we will never forget!


  • Rental of the boat for the excursion.

  • Fuel.

  • Skipper of the boat.

  • Welcome bottle of cava.

  • Cool box to store your food and drink

  • Food on board.

  • Drinks on board.





















Trip to the magical and misterious ATLANTIS and ES VEDRA for a very special price!

Early birds offer! This Saturday only! 



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